SnoofyBee On 'Shark Tank': Where Are They Now?

The SnoofyBee Changing Pad first popped up in an episode of Shark Tank that aired a couple of seasons ago, and viewers were immediately intrigued by the idea. Luckily, the presentation for the product went fairly well and a deal was struck. Since then, the SnoofyBee has gone on to become a solid hit. Viewers with babies will surely be anxious to know more about this company and how they can get their hands on one of the pads themselves.

The SnoofyBee was originally featured in Season 9 of Shark Tank during Episode 8 that aired in November 2017. The product's creators, Michael and Amy Perry, created the hands-free diaper-changing pad soon after they started their family. They saw the need for something like this with their first son, created the concept with their second son, and had a product ready to try out themselves by the time their daughter came along.

During the Shark Tank episode featuring the Perrys and their SnoofyBee, Lori Greiner ultimately presented them with a deal they decided to take. Since then, the product has become a big hit and is currently available via Amazon and online via the SnoofyBee website.

The SnoofyBee is now available in a handful of different colors and patterns, and it has garnered fantastic ratings on Amazon from happy customers. Any parent who has had to swipe away little hands during a diaper change can surely see the appeal of this product, and it looks like it's become a great Shark Tank success story.

Shortly after their episode of Shark Tank aired, Michael told Business 2 Community that they saw their order volume quadruple after their television appearance. They were able to build a lot of momentum, and the show gave them the chance to start looking toward retail opportunities.

Perry went on to say that they felt doing the show was absolutely the right move for their business and that while it was stressful, the exposure was worth the effort. Michael and Amy note that they always considered Lori a favorite shark and had read her book before starting their business. To have her then invest in their project was a big win in their eyes.

SnoofyBee has started to branch out to some international markets, and they are working on getting onto retail shelves throughout the United States. They've also been working toward developing additional products and versions and seem to be making big plans for the future.

Of course, not every deal made on Shark Tank leads to a successful product line. Luckily, in this case, the SnoofyBee has found its audience and customers are loving the concept.