February 19, 2019
Miley Cyrus Commemorates Karl Lagerfeld With Fierce Instagram Post

To commemorate Karl Lagerfeld, Miley Cyrus posted an archive photograph taken by the visionary German designer back in 2014 for V Magazine.

The black-and-white picture captures a barely-dressed, bathrobe-clad Cyrus posing in front of a backyard full of plants. The body of the singer appears glisteningly white in contrast with the pitch dark environment. Striking a confident, bold pose, Cyrus tilts her head backward slightly with chin held up high, casting an oddly mesmerizing glance at the camera. Her makeup and hair were inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe, with dramatically arching eyebrows and thick, extra-long eyelashes adding a touch of femininity to the look. This is the picture of a tomboy who hasn't yet transformed fully into a diva; a woman who proudly showcases her breasts whilst wearing a dozen or so dissected Adidas sneakers attached to her shins.

The picture was the result of one of the most talked about collaborations ever to take place between Cyrus and Lagerfeld. As Acclaim reports, the black-and-white photo spread was commissioned for the "Rebel" issue of V Magazine. As such, it was supposed to stir up a scandal of the type that makes you blush with the power of a kitchen stove and a thousand suns combined.

Arguably, that was quite an ambition: Cyrus was already in the midst of her provocateur phrase. To take photos featuring the singer renowned for twerking, the dangerously sensual clip of the "Wrecking Ball," and for the audacious Super Bowl performance was beyond extravagant. To create an editorial that featured Cyrus and succeeded to induce a hefty bout of shock in the readership was an enormous task. And so they hired the photographer able to achieve the effect: Karl Lagerfeld.

As soon as the image teasers were released, shocked responses came rolling in. Magazines and news websites across the spectrum, from Hollywood Life to the Telegraph, Elle, and beyond covered the topic. "Miley Cyrus Naked"- ran the story published by Harper's Bazaar. "Karl Lagerfeld Is Very Excited About Miley Cyrus' Nude Pics In V," from the Idolator.

The photos were unprecedented, daring, yet tastefully revealing.

Alongside the above picture, the editorial compromised of a black-and-white photograph showing Cyrus fully naked, with her body resting on a bed made of furry toys adjacent to a number of other photos. Lagerfeld also shot Cyrus for the cover of the issue, in which the singer wore nothing else but a light blue, provocatively cut out monokini made of dense, plush-like fabric.