Keen Home On 'Shark Tank': Where Are They Now?

In the episode of Shark Tank airing Tuesday evening on CNBC, viewers will get to see an update on the Keen Home project. This product was originally pitched by Nayeem Hussain and Ryan Fant in Season 6, and Robert Herjavec struck a deal with them. What's the status of the product line now? It seems to be thriving and building up a solid fan base of users.

Smart home devices are all the rage right now, and Hussain and Fant were anxious to develop their vision of connected devices ahead of some other products that are popular today. As viewers saw on Shark Tank when Keen was originally pitched, the line has focused on developing ways to resolve the issue of overheating and underheating rooms throughout one's home.

Connected thermostats are quite popular now, but Keen Home takes things a step further. The products, which are available for purchase on Amazon, include smart vents that have sensors and program themselves to run as efficiently as possible.

When Hussain and Fant originally appeared on Shark Tank, they managed to convince Herjavec to invest in their vision and their company took off from there. During Tuesday's rerun episode, viewers will hear how far things had progressed from the original show that aired in February 2015 until the spring of 2016.

Herjavec detailed that he saw this company as a tech company, not just a vent company, and Keen Home quickly accumulated more than $1 million in sales. Keen had additional products in mind to develop as soon as they got things ramped up, and Robert admitted they had already expanded beyond his original vision.

Now, however, things with Keen Home have progressed even further. The company's website notes that Fant and Hussain are still leading the company, and they've brought in a man named Will McLeod to oversee product design and other key tasks.

In early 2017, the company's blog noted that they had just wrapped up a huge year that included selling out their initial product run. They've added air filtration and purification products with their Smart Filter, and they've expanded their product line with Trim Kits that allow their vents to be used with more duct sizes.

Keen Home notes that it works with the popular Nest and ecobee thermostats now. In addition, via their Twitter page, they've shared that they're working on adding additional products to the list of those that can sync smoothly with their smart vents.

It seems that Keen Home is still doing well and has greatly benefited from its Shark Tank appearance and partnership with Robert Herjavec. Viewers will surely enjoy seeing the update provided in this latest rerun and will be pleased to know that this is one deal that really took off after the initial episode aired.