February 19, 2019
Did 'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Get Lip Injections? Rumors Swirl After She Shares New Photo On Instagram

Kyle Richards shared a new photo of herself on Instagram this week and right away, some fans were taken aback by her supposed plumper pout.

During a family vacation in Aspen, Colorado, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a couple of images of herself and her dog on Instagram and in the comments section of the post, a follower of the reality star wrote a message in which she suspected Richards may have gotten lip injections.

"Looks like you got filler in your lips," the person wrote.

But Richards hadn't gotten any such thing done. Instead, she said it was likely her veneers that were making her lips stick out a bit more.

"Nope, but my lips do look fuller with my teeth now," Richards explained.

Just under one year ago, Richards revealed on Instagram that after years of smiling with her mouth closed in the majority of photos, she had opted for veneers. She also said that while her teeth were "fine," she didn't like the small size of them and didn't like to show them off.

"Plus they started crowding. Invisalign wasn't working for me because I wouldn't wear them 22 hours a day and were uncomfortable," she continued.

"I'm really happy that my smile now matches my mood," Kyle added.

Richards and her co-stars just returned to Bravo TV last week for the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and during the premiere episode, Richards was seen at odds with Lisa Vanderpump, whom she accused of trying to make her look bad.

After paying a visit to Vanderpump Dogs, Richards felt that Vanderpump was making her feel guilty for not having visited her new restaurant, TomTom. But, as Richards explained, the venue hadn't opened and she didn't know she could stop by. She then said during a cast confessional that Vanderpump has made a habit, over the past several years of their friendship, of making her look bad when she hasn't even done anything wrong. She also said Vanderpump lets other members of her circle of friends get away with doing mean things to her.

Richards and Vanderpump have not spoken in several months and haven't been seen together publicly since September of last year, when they attended Denise Richards' wedding.

To see more of Richards and her co-stars, don't miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.