Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette Was His One True Love

Choupette LagerfeldInstagram

Karl Lagerfeld not only left behind an iconic body of work as the creative force behind the house of Chanel but his death at the age of 85 has now left his one true love, his beloved white Birman cat Choupette, orphaned.

Eight-year-old Choupette (born in 2011) had been Lagerfeld’s constant companion, and was gifted to him by French model Baptiste Giabiconi in 2011, reported Heart.com.

Women’s Wear Daily reported that Lagerfeld’s cat has been the inspiration for many of his designs, including a black-and-white capsule collection, which included a knit beanie with pointy ears and leather whiskers, keychain, scarf, side bag, iPhone and iPad cases, mittens, and a giant leather shopper in the shape of a cat’s head. The cost to honor the precious kitty at the time? Around $465.

The Cut reported that Lagerfeld had said the following about his beloved Choupette.

“She eats with me at the table from crystal that I designed personally. She used to try to sleep in bed with me — as I said, she is very forward and flirtatious — but now she sleeps on her own full-size bed in her own suite. She has a maid and a butler all to herself, and her room is outfitted with her own sound system so that she can have the music that she likes.”

Choupette made news in 2017 after her official Instagram (yes, she has one) was hacked.

Ashley Tschudin, who manages both Choupette’s social media accounts, which include her official Instagram and Twitter, spoke for the beloved feline when she learned the cat’s accounts had been hacked, asking her followers, “ATTENTION! Somebody hacked my Instagram & changed the PW.

“Anyone have a contact at Instagram to send moi? Merci!” she further tweeted from Choupette’s Twitter account, according to WWD.

In honor of his beloved Choupette, Lagerfeld and perfumer John-Paul Welton launched a scented candle featuring her portrait, reported Women’s Wear Daily. The site reported that the candle had a “spicy yet delicate fragrance has notes of cinnamon and pink pepper, a floral heart and base notes of amber, musk, and woods,” and was made in a limited run of 330 units and would cost over $250.

In 2018, Choupette famously had a birthday and WWD reported that the fabulous feline influencer had a party, presents, and a single candle stuck on a plate of shrimp, as well as a sparkly sign on the wall crafted by her nannies.

There has been no official word who will now care for the beloved feline since Lagerfeld’s death in Paris at the age of 85.