Chrissy Teigen Chips Tooth During Intense Episode Of ‘Family Feud’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

It seems the filming of Family Feud got a little intense for Chrissy Teigen, according to a recent Twitter post. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model reveals that things got so intense she ended up chipping a tooth on set.

Teigen has been teasing the momentous episode of Family Feud that would pit her, her husband John Legend, her mom, her sister, and Legend’s brother against the Vanderpump Rules cast members. Likewise, Ariana Madix from the Vanderpump Rules team seemed equally excited about the upcoming episode in her Twitter post on February 15.

“MY FAVORITE SHOW WITH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE,” she said in a tweet that was followed by numerous tombstone emojis, signifying she was dying for the moment.

Taking the competition very seriously on February 15, Teigen gathered her mom and her sister together to practice for the upcoming feud. In a hilarious video on Twitter, she showed her mom struggling with a fairly easy question.

“Oh my god, we are f**ked,” Teigen said in the video’s caption about their upcoming chances in the face-off.

Madix tried to psyche out Teigen and her teammates in a response to the practice video, saying this was something she was ready for.

“I watch every day so if I mess up, it’ll be a literal waste of a lifetime of practice,” Madix tweeted.

It seemingly worked as Teigen responded back, saying she would “hand you guys the win right now.”

Fortunately for their fans and fans of Family Feud, they faced each other on stage. Based on Teigen’s statements, it seems to be one crazy episode.

On Instagram, Teigen showed a picture of herself in a short green dress, presumably the one she wore for the episode, talking about the insanity that took place during filming.

Everyone involved both on Teigen’s team and the Vanderpump Rules team has been relatively quiet regarding what happened on the Family Feud episode. It seems only Teigen is willing to break the silence, though even she can’t say too much, likely the result of a non-disclosure agreement she signed prior to filming the episode.

But if this teasing tweet and Instagram post are any indications of what went down, it was a wild time. We’re not sure what record they broke, though based on Teigen’s practice video, it probably wasn’t the most points won on an episode of Family Feud.

What has the fans speculating the most, and has everyone excited for when the episode airs, is how on earth Teigen chipped her tooth during a trivia game show.