Burger King Twitter Account Hacked, Replaced With McDonalds Logo, Crude Tweets

The official Burger King Twitter account was hacked on Monday.

Cyber jokers took over the company’s official account @BurgerKing. After grabbing control, the hacker changed the company’s gravatar to that of McDonald’s golden arches and then replaced the Burger King name with “McDonalds.”

Immediately following the Twitter account’s makeover, the Burger King account started sending out crude and offensive tweets. Among the tweets sent included:

“We just got sold to McDonald’s, look for a McDonald’s in a hood near you @DFNCTSC.”

While a hack of this type is never good, Burger King did manage to pick up 5,000 new followers in just the first 30 minutes of the takeover.

At 1:15 pm EST, the team at Twitter took control of the @BurgerKing account and suspended it.

Following the attack, the hacktivist collective Anonymous appeared to take responsibility for the maneuver, which was dubbed #OpMadCow. If Anonymous is responsible for the campaign, they have been oddly silent in explaining their motives behind the attack. Typically, Anonymous is quick to grab 15 minutes of the media spotlight to explain their reasons for each hack they successfully accomplish.

It seems odd that Anonymous which claims to be “helping” people with real world problems would turn to racial slurs to get their point across.

Twitter suspends reportedly hacked accounts so it can help the owner change their password and once again secure their @username.

Burger King Twitter Hacked Messages

Along with the offensive messages, the hackers also left the message, “We caught one of our employees in the bathroom doing this…” along with the photo shown below:

Burger King Twitter Hack

Are you surprised by some of the racially motivated and hate-filled messages that were left on the hacked Burger King twitter account?