A Jonas Brothers Reunion Is Supposedly Happening And Fans Are Freaking Out

Rob KimGetty Images

This is an SOS! It’s been six years since the Jonas Brothers broke hearts around the world when they announced that they were splitting up and no longer making beautiful music together as a band. This left young fans devastated, but there is hope. A new rumor is once again swirling of a reunion that has those same fans rejoicing.

A report coming from Us Weekly says that Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas are in the process of planning a comeback very soon. Apparently, multiple sources are telling the magazine that the brothers will soon be known only as JONAS. There is supposedly new music coming up, which will delight fans, and also a documentary to follow. This piece of news has led to a bit of hysteria on social media with the hashtag “#jonasbrothersreunion” trending on Twitter.

Jonas fans are going crazy as the news of a possible Jonas Brothers reunion is spreading. Many are posting throwback photos of their special meet and greets with the guys back in the day.

One person wrote, “Hey guys the Jonas brothers are getting back together and nothing else even matter anymore.”

This sentiment is pretty much how all fans are feeling this morning upon waking up to a possible Jonas reunion.


This same rumor spread like wildfire just a year ago after their Jonas Brothers Instagram page was mysteriously reactivated. However, Nick Jonas squashed the dreams of a reunion, at least at that time, saying that it wasn’t happening right then. But he did add in a bit of a hint that it may happen someday.

He said, “Never say never,” and that may have been an indication that it was on their minds, but they had to finish up other things first.

Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra in December, which made them one of the most watched couples these days. Brother Joe Jonas is set to marry Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner possibly in the near future. No date has been announced for their upcoming nuptials. Of course, Kevin Jonas is married to wife Danielle and they have two adorable little girls. They just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on December 19.

If this is actually true, it will be fun to see the reactions of the two wives and also the future Mrs. Jonas. Priyanka mentioned that she was not too familiar with the band that her new husband was in, so this will be a new experience for her especially.