Jenelle Evans Blamed ‘Teen Mom 2’ For David Eason Split And Made Angry Call To Producers, Claims ‘The Ashley’

John LamparskiGetty Images

Jenelle Evans reportedly made an angry phone to her Teen Mom 2 producers early last week before the apparent demise of her marriage to her controversial husband, David Eason.

According to a report shared by the Ashley’s Reality Roundup on February 18, the reality star and mother of three ranted at her producers about the way in which they have allegedly ruined her marriage by doing things they knew would be upsetting to her husband.

“Jenelle was screaming at the executive that every week, her life gets worse because of the show airing and was dropping F-bombs like crazy at the producers, [Kristen Schylinski], and even her mom [Barbara Evans],” an insider revealed to the outlet.

While Evans may not want to work with Schylinski any longer, the insider said that MTV does not have any plans to replace her with a new producer at this point in time. That said, Evans reportedly no longer trusts her with her story and believes she acts as if she cares about Evans’ story when she’s really out for drama and allegedly trying to destroy her marriage.

The insider went on to say that Evans is convinced Schylinksi wants Evans and Eason to break up because he simply causes too many issues during production. While the source said that isn’t the case, that is what Evans accused Schylinski of and also claimed she was editing scenes to make Eason look much worse than he is.

“She said that’s why her life is in such bad shape right now and David is so mad at her,” the insider said.

Although it is not clear when exactly Evans and Eason’s breakup occurred, the outlet noted that it likely occurred sometime soon after Evans’ phone call to her producers, possibly after Monday’s Teen Mom 2 episode. As fans will recall, Eason was targeted on the episode by Evans’ mom, Barbara, who told producers she was only kind to Eason because she knows he’s capable of snapping at any moment. She also said her daughter gets “in trouble” with Eason when she films scenes for the show.

Barbara then said Eason could be “hurting” Evans and suggested there was a “domestic violence thing” happening in their home.

After watching the episode, Evans was reportedly upset that her producers allowed her mother to be seen on camera saying such things about her husband.

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