Anti-Trump #MaraLardAss Hashtag Draws Backlash For Implication Of Fat Shaming

Joe Raedle Getty Images

Over the weekend, a photograph went viral of President Trump approaching the omelette station at the Trump International Golf Club, near his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The photo, taken on Saturday, soon went viral (per the Inquisitr,) due largely to the juxtaposition of the president declaring a state of emergency on Friday, and then casually strolling for a breakfast treat the following morning.

There was another outgrowth of the omelette moment; a hashtag, #MaraLardAss, trended on Twitter in the latter part of the long President’s Day weekend.

On the #MaraLardAss hashtag, numerous anti-Trump Twitter users shared insulting descriptions of the president, including various cartoons and photoshops that emphasized the president’s weight. Others noted the president’s recent physical, which confirmed that Trump’s weight now classfies him as obese, whereas it did not when his physical was released last year.

The #MaraLardAss hashtag appeared to originate, at least in its current incarnation, with Jon Cooper, chairman of a political organization called The Democratic Coalition, one that’s been described by The Week magazine as part of a “liberal grift.”

“I bet Trump would hate it if started trending,” Cooper tweeted Sunday morning.

But soon after, a backlash began to emerge, mostly among others who are opponents of President Trump but who felt that fat-shaming the president was neither fair, productive, nor the right thing to do. Others argued that anyone mocking the president for his weight would likely make similar cracks about other overweight people.


“‘MarALardass’ trending on Twitter because lousy people think making fat jokes will make them feel better about themselves, their lives, their jobs, or their brat’s suspension for putting Elmer’s Glue in his classmate’s hair,” government ethics lawyer Walter Shaub tweeted in reaction.

“I’m an obese woman, so I cringe when fat-shaming happens, even if it’s President Trump. You tell on yourself,” Twitter user Blaxicana said. “You let us know how you see us. Trump SUCKS. There is so much abt his lack of character and integrity to point out. No need to resort to fat-shaming.”

Cooper eventually offered a half-apology for his spreading of the hashtag. “I’m thrilled that went viral yesterday & was soon the #1 Top Trending hashtag,” he tweeted Monday. “However, I’m sorry that some saw it as fat shaming. Where & when I grew up, a ‘lardass’ was ANY lazy person who sits on their ass. So I apologize to anyone who took offense — except Trump!”