Alonzo Mourning And Wife Tracy Split After 22 Years

Alonzo Mourning and his wife, Tracy, will be divorcing and ending their 22-year marriage, a recent report from Page Six announced. While the announcement about the pair’s split came earlier today, the two have actually been separated for a few months, and had waited to announce their divorce decision. The two share three children together, and have kept their separation quiet until now.

Mourning is a retired NBA All-Star, and a popular figure in the Miami area. He and his wife, Tracy, are well-known for their social and charity work in Miami. Mourning still works for the Miami Heat, and his separation has been well-discussed around the team’s offices, but not with the public.

While the separation was announced today, that information was not followed by any information about the reason for the divorce. However, the former couple still appear to be getting along and talking, and will most likely continue to work on their charities. In fact, while the couple has not been photographed together since January of 2017, this past month, Alonzo shared information on his Instagram account about some of Tracy’s charity work.

“Empowered women, empower women! Co-founder @honeychildtracy after the 2019 Youth Summit,” Alonso stated in a picture he posted to his Instagram page just last month of his wife and a girl, according to Page Six.


Also, back in 2008, the two founded a school together in North Miami that they named after themselves, the Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus, according to Ebony. While the divorce might make distinguishing if either Alonzo or Tracy will take charge of the school or if the two will still co-operate it unclear, there is still no word on this decision.

It’s quite possible that, given the fact that the pair’s split was amicable, the two may continue to work together on their charities as they hash through their divorce. In Miami, both Alonzo and Tracy are popular individuals, known for their dedication to charity work and local programs that are focused on helping the needy.

Aside from being well-known for charity work in the city of Miami, Alonzo and Tracy are friends with Barack and Michelle Obama. In fact, when Barack Obama was president, he gave Alonzo a position on his council for fitness when the former first couple was fighting against the obesity epidemic. Also, for her part, Michelle Obama selected a dress that came from Tracy’s clothing line to share in a gift guide for the holidays.