Tayshia Adams' Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out, New Questions About 'Bachelor' Contender's Motivations Emerge

Stacy Carey

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that Monday night, contestant Tayshia Adams will be dishing out details about which of her fellow bachelorettes aren't ready for an engagement with Colton Underwood. However, there has been plenty of buzz across social media regarding whether Tayshia is on the show for the right reasons herself, and some new details on that front have just emerged.

As the Inquisitr has previously shared, gossip king Reality Steve has shared some scoop about Tayshia and her ex-boyfriend, model Chase Olswang. As Reality Steve has explained, Adams was married previously to a man named Josh Bourelle. Shortly after the couple headed toward a divorce, she was linked to Olswang.

Not only did things seem pretty serious between Tayshia and Chase as soon as her divorce was finalized, but things still seemed serious between them until right before she left to film Colton's Bachelor season. Now, Us Weekly shares new scoop about this situation and their sources say that things are definitely suspect with Adams' decision to do the show and readiness to get engaged to Underwood.

An insider says that Tayshia and Chase were still "exclusively dating" until the night before she departed to start filming Colton's Bachelor season. The source says that things got serious very quickly after Adams and Olswang started dating and that they had been talking about both an engagement and a marriage shortly before she left for filming.

Us Weekly also spoke directly to Chase, who noted that he and Tayshia fell in love quite quickly. He says that they weren't dating anybody else last fall and he'd been planning something special for Adams' September birthday. Ultimately, it seems that the two spent that birthday together on vacation, but things ended very soon after that.

Olswang seemingly knew that his gal had applied for the show and was considering doing it. However, he says at the point of her birthday and their vacation, she hadn't decided for certain.

Apparently, as the time to film drew closer, Chase explains that he noticed changes in their relationship. He wasn't fully blindsided when Adams decided to do the Bachelor, but it seems it was surprised by the decision.

While viewers will have to wait and see how the rest of Tayshia's journey plays out on-screen, it seems she has been in touch with Chase since returning home. They aren't a couple, but Olswang says that they're there for one another as needed.

Will Tayshia say anything about all of this via social media now that Chase is speaking out? Did Adams talk about this relationship with Olswang during her time with Underwood? The Bachelor spoilers indicate that things are going to be pretty intense throughout Monday's show and viewers will be watching to see what happens next.