HBO Releases The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘Veep’ On President’s Day

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One of the most successful television comedies will be coming to an end in 2019, with HBO airing the last season of its political comedy, Veep. After six seasons of comedy gold, the satirical show will be concluding its critically acclaimed run with the seventh season. Veep chronicles the political life of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), the fictional vice president of the United States, her ambition to become president, and how her political team handles her career.

HBO’s marketing team is just as ambitious and coordinated, releasing the trailer for the final season of the Emmy Award-winning series on Twitter, on President’s Day itself, with footage that humorously calls attention to the social media tactics employed by political publicists. The trailer features the return of all the fan-favorite characters such as Gary (Tony Hale), Meyer’s bumbling personal assistant, Kent (Gary Cole), the bitter publicist, Ben (Kevin Dunn), the worn-down strategist and Jonah (Timothy Simmons), the low-ranking White House associate turned opponent. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, made famous for her role in the hit comedy Seinfeld, doesn’t stray too far in her performance from that character but brings an honesty to the show that is refreshing to watch.

Veep also makes leaps and bounds when it comes to the equal depiction of women in comedies, not only with Louis-Dreyfuss’ portrayal of a female government leader, but also Amy (Anna Chlumsky), the only politics-savvy character on Meyer’s team, Catherine (Sarah Sutherland), Meyer’s recently-revealed-to-be gay daughter and Marjorie (Clea DuVall), the Secret Service agent that Catherine falls in love with.

New fans of the show may think the show pulls its comedy from current events, but Veep is revolutionary when it comes to commenting on the democratic process through satire, and also prolific in its premise given that the show premiered in 2012. In a television landscape where other fictional political shows may be inspired by the recent political climate of the United States, Veep deftly steers clear of attempting to imitate real life. Instead, the show provides more light-hearted escapism for its fans with hilarious storylines that range from ludicrous situations to relatable character drama.

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Veep also pays special attention in its depiction of female characters in a political landscape, many times cleverly calling out the treatment of women in any industry in sarcastic and outrageous ways. Veep’s success also stems from the comedic spin on a subject matter that is otherwise always seen in a dramatic light in shows such as The West Wing or House Of Cards.

Season 7 of Veep premieres on HBO on March 31.