February 18, 2019
Kelly Gale Dons A Black Lacy Bra And A Pair Of Ripped Jeans In New Sultry Snap

Kelly Gale is no stranger to exposing plenty of skin in her snaps, and since she knows that fans can never get enough of her hot and sexy pics, she makes sure to post several of them every week.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday afternoon, the exotic beauty – who is half-Indian and half-Australian but holds a Swedish nationality – posted a seductive new pic wherein she is featured wearing a lacy black bra and a pair of ripped blue jeans. The skimpy bra allowed her to flaunt her perky breasts and her well-toned abs, while her ripped jeans gave her a casual yet sexy look.

The model let her hair down, wore a nude shade of lipstick along with lots of eyeliner, and looked away from the camera to strike a sultry pose. Kelly sat on the floor next to a mirror but she didn't mention the place where the snap was captured. As of the writing of this piece, the post in question amassed more than 45,000 likes and close to 350 comments wherein fans and followers praised the 23-year-old stunner for her sense of style and her hot body.

Kelly wrote in the caption of her picture that Mondays are fun – something that most people across the world don't agree with. Therefore, many people commented that Mondays could never be fun and Kelly's job is different so they can't relate to that.

Prior to posting the said picture, Kelly shared a snap in which she was seen wearing a skimpy white bikini set which perfectly complemented her beautiful skin tone. As the Inquisitr previously noted, the outdoor snap featured the model pinning up laundry on a clothesline while the barely-there bikini allowed her to show off her insanely-toned body and abs which sent temperatures soaring.The said pic – which was favorited close to 60,000 times – also featured another model in the background who could be seen sporting a skimpy white bikini as well. However, it remained unclear as to which brand the photo shoot was carried out for and where was the picture captured because Kelly only posted three sun emojis in the caption.

Per usual, fans flooded Kelly's comments section with compliments and everyone agreed that Kelly's body is, indeed, amazingly well-toned and sexy. In an interview with Vogue which was conducted right before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017, Kelly talked about her fitness routine and revealed that even during vacation times, she plays tennis twice a day to stay fit. And as for her diet, she said that she eats healthy all year round and never goes on a crash or special diets.

"Cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious meals is one of my biggest passions, so eating 'healthy' for me isn't 'eating healthy', it's just eating."