Malia Obama’s Secret Facebook Account Shows Her True Feelings About The President: ‘Donald Trump Is Evil’

Ron Sachs-PoolGetty Images

Malia Obama’s secret Facebook page has reportedly been found, and it divulges the former first daughter’s true feelings about Donald Trump.

This week, the Daily Mail reported the existence of a Facebook page used by Malia in her final year of high school and the gap year before she started attending Harvard University. The page includes pictures of Malia traveling with friends before college and has plenty of appearances from Finnegan Biden, the 20-year-old granddaughter of former Vice President Joe Biden. Malia and Finnegan attended school together while Malia lived in the White House and became close during that time.

Though the Facebook page was entered under a pseudonym, the U.K. tabloid was able to track it down and shared some of the former first daugther’s true feelings about Donald Trump. Though Malia has remained largely silent on her thoughts about Trump, living a low-key life as a college student, the Facebook page showed that she had some very intense feelings toward him.

One of the posts on Malia’s secret Facebook page showed a row of post-it notes that read as follows.

“Donald Trump is President

“This is not normal

“Donald Trump is evil

“Don’t be complacent”

The post was liked by Finnegan Biden.


There were some other hints of political activity on the page, including a petition demanding action after the shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival left 58 people dead.

There were some other personal posts and pictures as well, showing the travels Malia took during the year before starting Harvard University. It was not clear when she stopped using the Facebook page or if it was still active, but the report indicated it was relegated to the short period after she graduated from high school.

Malia Obama has gotten plenty of attention lately, with celebrity news outlets suddenly focusing on the 20-year-old and her public appearances. That includes a trip to the beach over the weekend where Malia was spotted wearing a bikini on the beach. Over the summer, cameras also caught Malia as she hung out with friends and attended a music festival — where some witnesses claimed that she was seen smoking marijuana.

Malia Obama’s relationship with boyfriend Rory Farquharson has also gotten plenty of attention, though the former first daughter has done her best to keep the relationship with the British student under wraps as much as possible. The attention has also prompted critics to call on photographers to give Malia a break, as children of U.S. presidents have traditionally been afforded some privacy for their personal lives.