Gangnam Style Parody Video Shot At NASA Goes Viral

A Gangnam style parody video shot at NASA has gone viral. Ohio State University student Brian Schwing crafted the video while serving as an intern at the space center. The Cincinnati native’s Gangnam parody has garnered nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

The parody video designed by the 22-year-old Ohioan is entitled, “NASA Johnson Style.” Brian Schwing, along with his intern pals and some astronauts filmed the Gangnam style parody at the Johnson Space Center.

An excerpt from the lyrics read:

“Science everywhere, as we engineer the marvels that fly through the air, and take us way beyond the Earth’s levels.”

The “NASA Johnson Style” parody video was shot throughout the space facility, the San Francisco Chronicle notes. Brian Schwing and his friends were even filmed dancing Gangnam style inside mission control. The NASA parody video also includes footage of a space launch.

Although the Gangnam video is supposed to be humorous, the lyrics also focus on how dangerous and important the work is at the Johnson Space Center.

During an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Brian Schwing had this to say about the Gangnam parody video:

“It turned out to be a much bigger project than any of us had anticipated. Planning the shooting work with the astronauts and the facilities within very limited time constraints also turned out to be quite challenging. Since I don’t really see my rock star career taking off anytime soon, this is really the next best thing.”

During his internship with NASA, the Ohio State University student was involved with a video committee that focused on educating the public about NASA’s goals and mission.

What do you think about the Gangnam style parody video?

[Image Via: Cincinnati Enquirer]