Hannah Brown Gets A One-On-One With Colton Underwood & 'Bachelor' Spoilers Tease It's A Big One

The Bachelor spoilers for Monday night's episode reveal that bachelorette Hannah Brown will get another one-on-one date with Colton Underwood while in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. The first individual date these two had together was rather awkward, so fans will be curious to see how this second one goes. This is a key date, and teasers reveal that the pressure will be significant as Hannah tries to earn a rose and a hometown date.

ABC shares that Hannah will have an opportunity that could make or break her chances to get a rose. While in Denver, Brown will meet some of the Underwood family as she and Colton do some house-hunting. Hannah is definitely falling for Colton, but will she be able to turn on the charm when she meets Colton's mom and dad?

During this part of their one-on-one, Bachelor spoilers share that Colton will get some time alone to chat with his dad about all of this, and ABC's released photos show that both Colton and Hannah will get some one-on-one time to talk with his mom. Brown will surely be bubbly and anxious to convince his family that she's the woman for Colton, but will he be feeling that himself?

The network teases that as this date plays out, Colton and Hannah will share a romantic dinner together, and will talk about how things might shape up if he meets the Brown family during a hometown date. Unfortunately, Bachelor spoilers detail that Underwood will feel as if something is missing as he spends time with Brown.

Will Hannah get a rose? As the Inquisitr has shared, gossip king Reality Steve says that she won't. Instead, Colton is apparently going to eliminate her at the end of this date. It's always brutal when ladies are eliminated during one-on-ones, and viewers can surely expect some tears and surprise from Brown when this happens during Episode 7.

While Hannah reportedly doesn't get a hometown date with Colton, Bachelor spoilers shared earlier by the Inquisitr have hinted that this won't be the last that viewers see of her this season. Brown reportedly pops up again in Episode 8, but this return may not play out as she hopes.

Does Colton Underwood make the right choice in eliminating Hannah Brown during his date with her in Denver? The Bachelor spoilers detail that Monday's episode will be packed with emotional moments, and fans will not want to miss this one.