Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 8: Colton Underwood Faces The Hometown Dates And Difficult Decisions

Josh VertucciABC

Monday night’s Bachelor episode was an intense one as Colton Underwood struggled with what he was hearing about some of his bachelorettes, but he’s now down to his final four ladies and up next are the hometown dates. Spoilers tease that there are some surprises incorporated into Episode 8 set to air on February 25 and fans will not want to miss this episode.

As the Inquisitr had previously detailed, Colton’s hometowns will take him to Alabama, California, and Virginia this season. The dates aren’t always shown in the order they were originally filmed, but gossip guru Reality Steve has shared a lot of key Bachelor spoilers about how things played out as Underwood met the families of his final ladies during filming last fall.

Hannah Godwin’s hometown date was filmed first, and it took place in Birmingham, Alabama. Viewers will have to wait and see exactly what Hannah and Colton do during their time together in Alabama, but Bachelor spoilers suggest that things go well.

What Reality Steve didn’t know at the time of filming, but recently revealed, is that Underwood got a surprise visit from somebody else while in Alabama. As it happens, Hannah Brown also lives in Alabama, and she tracked down Colton while he was in the area.

As the Inquisitr shared, this extra visit between Brown and Underwood was teased in a recent expanded preview for the rest of the season, and it had viewers a bit confused. While Hannah does talk further with Colton, Bachelor spoilers detail that nothing really changes. She remains eliminated, but it seems the chances are good that she’ll pop up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ hometown was filmed second and that took place in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Viewers watched as Colton asked Caelynn some tough questions during Monday’s episode in Denver, but he chose not to eliminate her.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detailed via Twitter that during their time in Virginia, Caelynn and Colton ride in a horse-drawn carriage together. In addition, the gossip king also noted that the time they spend with her family doesn’t happen at the Miller-Keyes home but at the iconic Stevenson-Doggett house located on Amelia Street.


The third hometown date filmed was Tayshia Adams’ excursion that took place in Orange County, California. After that, Bachelor spoilers share that Cassie Randolph’s family gathered in Huntington Beach, California, for their chance to meet Underwood.

The Inquisitr has shared that according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Colton eliminated Caelynn after the hometowns. Many had seen Miller-Keyes as an early frontrunner, so it’ll be interesting to see what it is that leads Underwood to eliminate her at this stage of filming.

Could Caelynn Miller-Keyes become the lead for the Bachelorette season that will start filming in March? Many fans suspect that will be the case, but a decision won’t be firmly made for a few weeks yet.

Once Colton Underwood eliminates Caelynn, Bachelor spoilers detail that he’ll head off on the overnight fantasy suite dates. By all accounts, things get very wild from this point until the last moments of the finale and fans will not want to miss any of the drama ahead.