‘Big Brother’ Alum Natalie Negrotti Blasts Ex James Huling Over His Comments About Her Sexuality

Manny CarabelGetty Images

Big Brother alum Natalie Negrotti is firing back at her former boyfriend, James Huling. The 28-year-old reality star, who recently told Us Weekly that she no longer associates with her ex-Big Brother boyfriend because he is “not the kind of person that I want to associate with at all,” took to Twitter to set the record straight regarding Huling’s knowledge of her sexuality when they were dating.

Negrotti, who came out as pansexual while competing on MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning last year, recently teased that she is ready to reveal the identity of her mystery girlfriend.

“I want to start showing my girlfriend off a little bit,” Negrotti told Us last week. “She’s so hot, so why not? It’s a waste.”

Negrotti has been diligent about keeping her girlfriend’s identity a secret in order to protect her privacy, but admitted she is ready to “start showing her off a little.”

But James Huling, who was in a showmance with Natalie Negrotti during Big Brother Season 18, took to Twitter to allege that he confronted Natalie about her sexuality when they were dating and that she became offended. Huling also hinted that Natalie’s sexuality could have been the reason why things didn’t work out between them.

“I actually asked her in the beginning of our relationship about the possibility of her being gay,” Huling wrote. “She got really offensive even though I told her I’d be supportive and it is okay. Maybe in the end that’s the WHOLE reason why things didn’t work out. I’m happy for her. #teamnatalie.”

Natalie Negrotti later fired back with an angry retort, now deleted, citing James Huling’s work ethic as the reason for their split.


“Asked me if I was gay? Stop using my name to stay relevant. Don’t worry I’ll be coming out with the truth. And things didn’t work out because you didn’t work. You are lazy. And I can’t be dating a child nasty a**.”

Last year when Natalie Negrotti appeared on MTV’s The Challenge, her co-star Kayleigh Morris outed her sexuality on social media, which prompted the former NFL cheerleader to publicly come out. Negrotti told the Watch With Us! podcast that coming to terms with her sexuality was a “28-year battle” for her and that she had planned to keep it private until her co-star outed her. The reality star revealed that before Kaleigh Morris outed her, she hadn’t even told her whole family about her pansexuality.

Natalie Negrotti has been dating her girlfriend for about a year now and has been teasing fans about her identity on social media. Negrotti also recently revealed on Instagram that she met her mystery girlfriend on the dating app Bumble.

As for her past relationship, Natalie Negrotti and James Huling’s Big Brother showmance continued for a short time after they exited the CBS summertime house in 2016. Longtime host Julie Chen previously predicted that the duo had the potential for a real-life romance outside of the house, but things took an ugly turn for the two in the real world.