Kevin Hart Claims He’s Working On A New Book

Cindy OrdGetty Images

In a post on Twitter, Kevin Hart suggested that he is currently working on his next book, saying it smells like, “another No. 1 best seller.”

Last year, Hart surprised fans when he released his first book, a memoir titled I Can’t Make This Up. According to People, the book discloses some of Hart’s most personal moments of his life that shaped who is today and the life lessons he learned from it. The memoir is told with equal parts humor and brutal honesty, as he reveals intimate details about his parents, his violent first marriage, and a humiliating DUI.

He started off the book talking about his father, Henry, being a drug addict and thief. Many of the gifts his father gave him turned out to be items stolen from other people. One of the biggest shocks for Hart, when he was a kid, was learning that his dad hadn’t been faithful to his mother, Nancy, and had fathered other sons with various women. Stranger still was that most of the boys were named Robert, just like his older brother.

His book gave a brutally honest look at his first marriage, with Hart revealing that he and his wife got into violent arguments that often resulted in him going to jail. In an excerpt from the book, he revealed that learning from those failures had made him a better person in the present.

“Brick by brick, I’d built an unstable house with Torrei, one that was doomed to collapse. But the experience enabled us to build great homes afterwards for our kids, our partners and ourselves.”

One of the funnier parts of the book is a humiliating instance where he was charged with a DUI after police found him in the car with his pants down. Hart said that moment was when he learned that alcohol had become a serious problem in his life and he needed to make a change.

That memoir went on to become a major success as a New York Times Best Seller and end up on Amazon’s Most Read Books of the Week on December 17 last year, according to Amazon.

It’s unclear if Hart is writing a similar book based on his life experiences or if it’s something entirely different. Monday’s tweet that he was working on the book revealed no details about the project.

Perhaps down the road, he will give more information on this new book, but knowing Hart, it will likely contain a lot of humor and deep sincerity.