‘Brady Bunch’ Stars Ask Fans To Dig Up Rare Retro Items For HGTV House Renovation

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The Brady Bunch needs your help. The former child stars from the 1970s sitcom have reunited to recreate their classic TV house, and they are looking for some hard-to-find items to make the renovation picture perfect.

Brady Bunch stars Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby), and Susan Olsen (Cindy) are currently filming A Very Brady Renovation for HGTV, and they are asking fans of the classic comedy to scour their homes for lookalike vintage pieces reminiscent of those from the original Brady Bunch set.

According to USA Today, several Brady Bunch cast members, including Chris Knight and Eve Plumb, shot promotional videos asking fans to help them finish the Brady Bunch house by sending in items they may have from “a groovier time.” Fans are asked to send HGTV a picture or to post and tag it on social media with #verybradyreno.

The HGTV website features a slideshow of some of the items producers are looking for to restore the Brady Bunch house to its 1970s glory. Some of the items needed include the credenza seen in the Brady living room, the memorable horse statue, a retro double oven and refrigerator/freezer, fish trivets that adorned the Brady family’s kitchen wall, a dining room curio cabinet, a retro table lamp, an antique radio like the one once seen in Greg’s groovy room, a bedroom set a la Alice, a stuffed giraffe like the one often seen in the girls’ bedroom, and a replica of the clan’s iconic green and white floral living room sofa.

Abbi McCollum, HGTV’s vice president of convergence and social media, told USA Today that many of the much-needed pieces are rare.

“Many of these 1970s items are very rare and hard to find,” the HGTV exec said. “We’ve seen an incredible response from Brady Bunch fans across social media since we first announced the series. Now, we need their help to get the renovation of the house just right.”


Brady Bunch fans know that HGTV purchased the classic TV home in August following a bidding war with singer Lance Bass. The 2,500-square-foot North Hollywood home was shown in the exterior shots for The Brady Bunch, which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974. The Los Angeles Times reported that the sellers, who owned the house since 1973, gave first consideration to bidders who wanted to preserve the classic TV home in lieu of selling it to a developer.

While the interior layout of the Dilling Street property did not resemble the Brady’s TV show house at all—interior scenes for The Brady Bunch were filmed on a soundstage— HGTV’s upcoming renovation show will feature a complete makeover as the cast attempts to recreate the interior of the iconic TV home.

You can see Eve Plumb asking for help with The Brady Bunch house in the video below.

A Very Brady Renovation will air on HGTV later this year.