Victoria Beckham Joins the Spice Gurrls For One Night

Victor BoykoGetty Images for Youtube

For one night only, Victoria Beckham joined hands with Mel B, Mel C, Gerri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton.

While a Spice Girls reunion is out of the picture, the British pop star-turned-fashion designer plunged herself into a lively singalong on Sunday eve at the Mark’s Club, London. The occasion? An old friend and close confidante, Derek Blasberg came up with the idea of booking a Spice Girls tribute act to celebrate Victoria’s latest career achievements and to amp up the mood at her post-fashion week soiree. Inviting Spice Gurrls, a drag queen quartet to play during a modest and tasteful gathering might appear to be a bold concept at first sight. However, Blasberg’s choice turned out to be a blast.

As Bustlereports, Victoria arrived at the event after the launch of her Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, which took place at the Tate Britain Gallery on Sunday morning. Dressed in what has become her trademark in the course of the past few years, the designer wore a slick, perfectly tailored suit with a loosely buttoned, off-white silk shirt that was adorned with an 80s-inspired, grey pattern. To complete the detail-oriented, minimalistic look, she pulled her auburn tresses into a tight ponytail and kept makeup to the basics. The look gave off a feeling of stoic perfection, that is until Beckham jumped right into the middle of the frenzied crowd for some Spice Girls greatest hits sing- and dance-along, with a video taken by attendee Isa Klausnitzer.

Blasberg’s masterplan worked out perfectly. The illustrious crowd gathered at Mark’s Club – which included celebs Alexa Chung, Luke Evans, Jodie Harsh, Olivia Palermo and Laura Bailey in attendance – loved the show and joined in on the fun in no time. As an article by The Daily Mail reveals, the dance floor was packed to the full, with a plethora of celebrities and socialites shim-shimmying alongside the drag queens who dressed just like the members of the Spice Girls would back in the nineties. In fact, the queens made the most of the original Spice Girls attires: Gerri Halliwell arrived with face covered in paint the same colors of the Union Jack, while Baby Spice was donning a magenta colored number. At one point during the night, Victoria found herself facing her own doppelgänger – a Posh Spice wearing little but a black body con dress, showcasing their vast collection of bright and colorful tattoos. Well, not everything was the same, but the tribute band did exceed all expectations by far.

Featured image credit: Victor BoykoGetty Images for Youtube