Supermodel Naomi Campbell Warns Liam Payne Not To Be ‘Too Clingy’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and former One Direction band member Liam Payne have reportedly been seeing each other since they started a very public flirtation on Instagram.

Express says that though it’s being reported that Liam is quite enamored with the 48-year-old supermodel, she’s only interested in keeping it casual right now, asking him not to be “clingy.”

A friend of Campbell’s reported that she has spoken to the singer, 25, about the matter.

“Naomi has told Liam she is enjoying having fun, but that is all she is ready for at the moment. She has said she’s found him a bit too clingy and full-on and does not want a committed relationship at this stage.”

Payne agreed, but friends say he was crushed, but he was still photographed outside of Naomi’s place on Valentine’s Day leaving early in the morning.

In advance of New York’s Fashion Week, the two were spotted together, and Payne was said to be “head over heels,” telling friends that he thinks that Campbell is amazing and beautiful. The former boy band member is said to prefer the company of older women, and said he can’t believe his luck that the model would go out with him.

But according to the Inquisitr, Naomi Campbell remained quiet when she was asked at JFK Airport about her relationship with Payne, despite wearing a large diamond ring on her engagement finger of her left hand.


Campbell and Payne were observed flirting publicly on Instagram, and then the two were spotted on the social media platform together, working out at the gym and taking photos, according to a friend of Liam’s.

“The fact they are working out in the gym as a couple shows they’re actually taking things to the next level. Not everyone would get on board with Liam’s quirky ways, but it seems Naomi was only too keen to join in by taking the picture of him with chains draped round his neck.”

It’s unclear if the two are really an item, or if they are just enjoying each other’s company, says Us Weekly, but the two have been spotted around New York and London together.

Payne had not been apart from his ex, Cheryl Cole, for that long before he was linked with Campbell. Liam Payne and Cole, 35, share a 22-month-old son named Bear. The two broke up over the summer after two years of dating. They released a public statement asking that their privacy is respected.