February 18, 2019
'Fox News' Viewers Slam Chris Wallace For Standing Up To Limbaugh And Miller

Two interviews from Fox News host Chris Wallace are occupying the headlines of U.S. media on Sunday night: one with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and the other with White House Adviser Stephen Miller.

Although the conservative network is not exactly famous for standing up to President Donald Trump's agenda -- as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Trump and Fox News are believed by many to operate in synergy and coordination, and the president is known to live-tweet the network's coverage -- host Chris Wallace did that today.

As the Hill reported, during his interview with Rush Limbaugh, Wallace pointed out the inconsistencies in the radio host's rhetoric, reminding him that he had opposed former President Barack Obama's executive actions.

"I want to ask you about the game you say we play in Washington. Because the fact is that when President Obama took executive actions, you were outraged," Wallace said.

"You may look at it that way. I don't," Limbaugh replied, arguing that Obama's executive actions -- unlike Trump's -- were actually "harmful" to the United States.

"I look at what Trump is doing as something he has to do because he's not getting any cooperation whatsoever," Limbaugh deflected.

Wallace's interview with White House Adviser Stephen Miller was no different. Known for being an immigration hardliner, Miller went on Wallace's show to discuss the ongoing immigration "crisis," Donald Trump's declaration of national emergency, and the border wall.

As per reporting from Salon, Miller and Wallace engaged in a heated exchange, and the host grilled the White House adviser about national emergency orders issued by Trump's predecessors, and pointed out the contradictions in his immigration rhetoric.

Apparently, these two exchanges were enough for some Fox News viewers to resort to vicious insults.

Raw Story collected and republished a series of social media messages targeting Wallace, demonstrating how angry and upset some Fox News viewers were with the host's heated exchanges with revered conservative figures Rush Limbaugh and Stephen Miller.

One Twitter user described Wallace as a "rude liberal hack who constantly rudely interrupts his guests," and another one called him an "idiot" and an "uneducated a**hole." One individual resorted to anti-Semitic insults, calling Wallace an "arrogant Jew," while dozens of others chimed in and proceeded to viciously criticize and insult the host for seemingly mistreating his conservative guests.

Others, however, suggested that Wallace might be pushing the Democratic Party's agenda on Fox News.

"Chris Wallace cannot be defended for his audacity. Chris Wallace is definitely pushing the Democrat's agenda for them," one social media user wrote. Dozens of others criticized Wallace for not being a big enough fan of President Donald Trump.