Sarah Jessica Parker Victim Of Photoshop Fail

Sarah Jessica Parker was the subject of what appears to be a Photoshop fail.

The Sex and the City star graced the cover of China’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar, and something about her just looks wrong.

Usually a good Photoshop fail looks normal at first, but after looking twice, you notice something a little strange. There have been Photoshop fails before with someone’s arm being too long, or a leg coming out of their clothes at an odd angle. This one has everybody puzzled as to what exactly is wrong, and yet there is no mistaking that something just isn’t right.

Sarah Jessica Parker, on the cover of China’s March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, looks bizarre. She looks like she may have even come from another planet for some reason. This might explain a lot, actually, but that’s beside the point. According to the Huffington Post, it’s hard to figure out exactly what got retouched, but it has been said that Sarah Jessica Parker has had some work done without her knowledge.

Remember those reptilian aliens from the TV series V? Sarah Jessica Parker looks a little like one of them.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 47, has been the victim of Photoshop fails before. On the cover of Marie Claire back in 2010, she was sporting a strangely youthful hand. The October 2012 cover of Elle had more than a few people suspecting Photoshop had a great deal to do with her appearance.

Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker’s appearance on the cover of China’s March edition of Harper’s Bazaar was a Photoshop fail?