‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Has A Busy Week Ahead, Confrontations And A Big Surprise From Ryan

Rick RowellABC Press

Ava Jerome is about to have quite the week coming up on General Hospital. She is sleeping with the devil and still has no clue. In fact, she has fallen for “Kevin,” and he has already said those three words to her last week. Despite being a bit reluctant to flaunt their relationship in public, and especially in front of Laura, she just can’t seem to resist the guy. Just wait until she finds out who he really is.

The next few days will see Ava having a couple of confrontations that will likely be full of drama. There are always fireworks whenever she is around Carly Corinthos. General Hospital spoilers indicates that these two strong and opinionated women will clash, according to SheKnows Soaps. Ava has begged Sonny and Carly to let her take Avery for a while when she and “Kevin” leave town. There is no way that they would let her do that, so this argument could likely be about the little girl.

Before that happens, the Jerome siblings will also butt heads. Spoilers details that Julian will fail to understand his sister’s loyalty to Kevin Collins. He is not alone, as most everyone in Port Charles are scratching their heads to this odd pair being together.

Also this week, Ryan is expected to give his love a big surprise. Now that sounds a bit sinister coming from a serial killer. She has no idea that he is at this point, so maybe the surprise isn’t so bad. There are a couple of possibilities.


Since he and Laura are in the process of a divorce, Ryan could very well surprise Ava with a marriage proposal. He wants to spend his life with her, but his idea of a fairytale happy ending is quite different than hers.

As General Hospital viewers saw a few days ago, Ryan was daydreaming of giving Ava what he thinks she really wants most of all. In his dream, he had Sonny and Carly tied up and gave Ava a set of knives to do whatever she wanted to do with them. Will Ryan actually go through with this and surprise Ava with the two people she hates the most?

Ryan Chamberlain’s killing spree will be ending soon, and fans are anxious to see what Ava’s reaction will be when she discovers the truth. It is about to get downright crazy on General Hospital soon enough. The shock from everyone when they realize that Ryan is alive and well will be worth the wait.