Conservative Host Slams GOP For Not Standing Up To Trump: ‘Knock, Knock Republicans, Anybody Home?’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

On Sunday, conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp slammed the Republican Party for backing President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration, Newsweek reports.

“Knock, knock Republicans, anybody home?” Cupp began her monologue, calling out the Republicans for refusing to stand up to the President. The host accused Republican lawmakers of abandoning the party’s trademark principles of conservatism and limited government.

“Any Republicans in Washington have a problem with this? Remember conservatism? Limited government? You know, your principles?”

As detailed in a previous Inquisitr report, President Trump declared a national emergency in order to circumvent Congress and allocate funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. The decision followed bitter and unproductive bipartisan negotiations, as well as the longest government shutdown in United States history.

The vast majority of Republican lawmakers expressed support for the president’s decision. Libertarian-leaning Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was among the few to oppose it. Paul said that he is “disappointed” both with Trump, and with the “bloated” funding bill the Congress had passed in order to prevent another shutdown.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin indicated that he might oppose the declaration as well, citing concerns over the precedent Trump’s maneuver could set — some have argued that Trump declaring national emergency in order to combat a “crisis” at the border is actually setting a dangerous precedent that could enable future presidents to abuse their executive powers.


Some have gone as far as describing the president’s order as unconstitutional, and lawsuits against the commander-in-chief are already being filed. As the Hill reported yesterday, in what is thought to be the first of many lawsuits to come, advocacy group Public Citizen accused Trump of “exceeding” his constitutional authority.

Cupp had a lot to say about the president as well, but chose to focus on his Republican colleagues. The conservative host argued that Trump — who often boasts about creating jobs — “killed a bunch” of them by rendering the jobs of “all 535 members of Congress obsolete.”

She went on to criticize and ridicule Republican lawmakers once again, arguing that the fact that Donald Trump had managed to effectively bypass Congress and do as he pleased meant that Congressmen and Congresswomen should simply leave their posts. Cupp invited Republican lawmakers on her show to discuss Trump’s national emergency declaration, pointing out once again that the party refused to stand up to the president.

“If the president can now just override Congress on spending, they may as well all pack up and go home. Will any Republican lawmakers say no to this?” she asked.