R. Kelly Grand Jury Convened After New Sex Video With 14-Year-Old Is Unveiled

Mike PontGetty Images

Now that a new sex tape has been handed over to prosecutors in Chicago, a grand jury has been convened in an effort to indict singer R. Kelly. A number of women who allege to be victims of Kelly were flown from Los Angeles to Chicago to watch the latest tape of the vocalist having intercourse with a girl who is said to be a minor.

TMZ says that this latest tape, handed over by lawyer Michael Avenatti to the Cook County State Attorney’s office in Illinois, shows details that were recognizable and able to be verified by other women claiming to be victims of Kelly. Sources say that there would have to be some corroboration in order for a grand jury to be convened so quickly.

According to Avenatti, the video shows the artist having sex with a minor, and CNN confirmed details of the video, including the part where Kelly urinates on the girl.

The tape, plus people who can provide additional context, could be just what prosecutors need to indict Kelly and take him to trial, locking down concrete charges. The show Surviving R. Kelly combined with the #MeToo movement has sparked new interest in holding him accountable for these alleged sexual offenses.


Considering the number of women alleging to be victims of Kelly, he has yet to be held accountable for anything, but some sources believe that this is about to change. While the singer still has a following and loyal fans, says the Inquisitr, for the first time there are consequences for his past behavior.

Recently, a permit for a concert called “The Spring Jam” in Springfield, Illinois, was pulled due to the controversy that is dogging Kelly. The concert, which was supposed to take place in April, was denied a permit because the town of Springfield realized that an affiliation with Kelly would mean that protesters will show up, and they don’t have the space to keep everyone safe if and when this happens.

Even Kelly’s daughter, Buku Abi, is now speaking out against her father, calling him “a monster” and asking the public not to confuse her silence in the past with acceptance of his behavior. She says that she stands with the victims, and they have her support in their efforts to seek justice.

“I pray for all the families & women who have been affected by my father’s actions. Trust, I have been deeply affected by all of this.”