Cindy Crawford Goes Nude & Poses In A Hanging Chair On Instagram

David LivingstonGetty Images

Cindy Crawford modeled for Russell James’ newest edition of his Angels book, which features black-and-whites of some of the most sought-after Victoria’s Secret models. Cindy shared a sneak peek from the book on Instagram, which was a photo of her completely nude, posing in a hanging chair. The model sat in the chair with her ankles crossed, as she grabbed her arms and looked at the camera.

Prior to that post, Cindy shared a photo of a magazine cover featuring herself and Rande Gerber, and expressed her love for him. The George cover featured the couple snuggling each other. She wore a black tank top and jeans, and he sported a white T-shirt. He grabbed the back of her jeans, and Cindy wrapped her arms around him so that only the top half of his face was visible.

Additionally, Crawford has been busy sharing updates of some fun gifts that she has received in the mail, including a personalized yoga mat. The mat is lavender and has her name written in white cursive in the middle of it. At the bottom, it says, “It’s all about balance.” The model laid her head on the unrolled mat as she appeared to be soaking up the sunshine on a green lawn. Meanwhile, the ocean was visible in the background.

Crawford has undeniably made her mark on the modeling industry, and her legacy continues to live on as her daughter, Kaia Gerber, lights up the runway at a young age. Cindy previously discussed with Vogue what it means to be an icon, and noted, “Oh my gosh. I think it can mean different things.”


“I think because it’s more than just having achieved the level of the best in your field, because not everyone who is the best in their field is an icon. And then there are also people who are icons that maybe weren’t the best, but, for whatever reason, there’s something about them that is iconic. But I guess it’s like this little spark of something that we’re all interested in and we want to know more about.”

Cindy also added, “I guess that’s what it is, it’s instantly recognizable, is that what iconic is?”

And while the model wasn’t necessarily talking about herself in the moment, just defining what iconic means to her, arguably she has become an icon in the modeling industry.