February 17, 2019
'Happy Death Day 3' May Already Be In The Works

Happy Death Day 2U hit theaters just a few days ago and those that have already ventured out to see it were left itching to know if a third installment was in the future. Fortunately, a third installment to Happy Death Day is a strong possibility.

For those who are unfamiliar with Happy Death Day, it is a film that instantly connected with audiences back in 2017 when it was released. Between the success of the film and the cult-like following it developed, it inspired the creation of the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U.

According to the Box Office Mojo, the sequel of the film reportedly pulled in just shy of 4 million at the box office when the revenue was tallied just a day after its theatrical release.

Pop Sugar reports that not only does the plot line of the second film lend itself to the addition of a third installment, but there are several other indicators that point to another film as well. The outlet states one of the main reasons a third film may already be in consideration – and possibly already in the works – is because the Christopher Landon (writer and director) has openly expressed an interest in a third run at Happy Death Day.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Landon explained he has a "really bonkers" idea for a third installment. He also revealed to the publication that he has always imagined Happy Death Day as a trilogy. So, he believes whether a third installment happens is really just a matter of if the second installment does well enough to justify making a third.

What would the third installment be about? While Landon did make it known he had a clear plot line in mind for a third movie during a few different interviews, he and his cast members will remain pretty tight-lipped on the details of the story line. Unfortunately, it is way too early for any spoilers to leak.

While speaking to Pop Sugar, the film's leading lady, Jessica Rothe, dished about how a potential plot line might revolve around an idea that came up during a conversation she had with her co-star, Israel Broussard.
"Well, it seems to me there's an obvious progression: Movie one: Tree saves herself. Movie two: Tree saves her friends. Movie three: Tree saves the world? So I actually have no idea if that's it, but I'm gunning for that."
She added: "All I know is, whatever I'm expecting, it will be completely different from anything I could ever imagine, but I also know and trust that it will be the appropriate bookend to this wonderful journey we've gone on with these crazy people."
While Universal hasn't officially signed off on a third movie yet, chances are pretty good it is going to happen. During his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Landon also teased that there was a "big clue" hidden within the second movie and encouraged those going to stick around when the movie ends for the end credit clip.