‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Frank Comes Up Short Twice In Tonight’s Episode

Michael TullbergGetty Images

There is absolutely no denying that William H. Macy does an excellent job of playing Frank Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless. In 2018, the actor won the award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards, according to a report from E! News. And since then, fans of the show would argue that the actor has gotten even better as everyone’s favorite alcoholic patriarch.

In Season 9, it seems Daddy Frank has finally stopped disappointing his six kids and has decided to start a new family. Earlier in the season, he met Ingrid Jones, a crazed psych patient, played by Katey Sagal. Frank is drawn to the woman’s unmedicated chaotic whims and the two are determined to be together. Ingrid soon decides she wants to be a mother and asks Frank to help her get pregnant. Frank was happy to oblige but there was one problem: poor sperm motility. He then comes up with the idea to trick his son, Carl, into providing the sperm that was later used to fertilize Ingrid’s eggs.

Now, Ingrid is pregnant with six babies and Frank is off competing to be the next Hobo Loco Man. During tonight’s episode, the woman grows tired of waiting around for her baby daddy and decides to test his loyalty to her and their unborn children.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

As previously mentioned by the Inquisitr, Frank is competing against hobo Mikey, played by Luis Guzman, and a number of other men and women looking to represent a new brand of alcohol and win a bit of cash.

During the competition, Ingrid finds Frank and informs him she’s having a miscarriage and begs him to come home. Frank doesn’t listen and insists he’s competing to secure a future for their kids.

Later, Frank and Mikey decide to team up to eliminate the other contestants and eventually make it to the final challenge. In order to win the challenge, the men were required to run alongside a moving train and jump onto a cart before the train makes it to a designated finish line. Frank and Mikey fought each other the entire way and neither of them ended up completing the required task. The Hobo Loco employees then reveal that no one in the event completes the final challenge and the prize automatically goes to the hobo with the most followers on social media, which turned out to be Gloria.


“She posed topless for fans and you can’t compete with t*****s,” the employee says.

A defeated Frank then makes his way home but as he walks up to his house, he sees Ingrid and her husband packing her things into a vehicle. Ingrid explains she can’t be with him anymore because he refuses to choose her over his addiction. Frank seems disappointed but only for a moment, before persuading Ingrid’s husband to pay him $10,000 to sign over his rights to the unborn babies.

At the end of the episode, Frank loses his contest and his girl but he made some money, which seems like a solid consolation prize for a Gallagher.

Shameless airs on Sundays on Showtime.