Kim Zolciak Slams 'RHOA', Declares She'll Never Film With The Bravo Reality Series Again

Kim Zolciak has had mixed feelings about the Real Housewives of Atlanta for quite some time now. The reality star has gone back and forth between quitting the show and returning multiple times. However, Zolciak adamantly insists she's reached her breaking point this time and she has vowed to never return to the reality show.

According to OK! magazine, Kim Zolciak was recently asked about the ever-popular reality series and she made it very clear she wants no part in it at all. In fact, Kim admitted her recent experience was so disheartening she doesn't even tune in anymore. The reality star and mother of six offered a very colorful response to questions about the reality show. She admitted that when she opted to return for season 10, she was "oblivious to the lack of growth."

Now, she's reportedly sure she is done with the show for good. "F**k no," she said. "I do not [keep up with the show at all]. No. Last year was enough for me to handle." She continued, "I will never go back to Housewives again."

Kim went on to share her opinion of the latest negative experience with the show. She also admitted she prefers to only surround herself with positive energy. "I like positive happy fun things, you know? And I feel like [the show and its environment] can be [filled with] a lot of negativity."

It's no secret Kim Zolciak and her RHOA castmates aren't on the best of terms. On multiple occasions, Kim has found herself at the center of all kinds of drama due to controversial comments. So, she also addressed that elephant in the room.

However, she insists she doesn't understand why there is still so much "animosity" between her and the rest of the ladies. "I don't know that there's a whole lot of animosity [between me and the rest of the cast]. I just [think] we all kind of have our own separate lives...or at least I do," Kim said.Kim Zolciak's latest vow to sever ties with the Real Housewives of Atlanta follows her previous departure from the show prior to the launch of her spinoff Don't Be Tardy. Over the years, fans have watched Kim Zolciak's life undergo drastic changes. When RHOA premiered, the reality star had only two children and she was in love with a man known to the world as "Big Poppa." Don't Be Tardy captured the progression of her life starting with her highly publicized marriage to former Atlanta Falcon player Kroy Biermann. The two have also welcomed four more children.

With all that has happened, Kim Zolciak has definitely been full of surprises. So, fans aren't so sure she's completely done with RHOA, but this may really be her last run.