February 17, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Model Olivia Culpo Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Sports Bra & Leggings

Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model Olivia Culpo is world-renowned for her famously trim and athletic figure, as well as her impossibly good looks. In a recent Instagram share, one made moments ago as of this writing, she offered up a candid yet sultry look at herself while clad in skintight athletic wear.

In this particular image, a smiling Culpo can be seen posing casually in front of a large wooden doorway, one inlaid with opaque glass. Clad in a tiny gray sports bra and matching athletic leggings or yoga pants, the American model is the perfect picture of happiness and health. The fitted nature of the sports bra leaves little to the imagination, emphasizing Olivia's ample assets, slender arms, and toned abdominal muscles. The high-waisted pants serve to further emphasize her svelte waistline and feminine hourglass figure, clinging to every curve of her long, lean legs. A pair of spotless white runners are wrapped about the swimsuit model's feet.

Olivia Culpo raises one hand in an idle wave to her audience, accessorizing her workout look with a pair of oversized mirrored sunglasses and some red-hot nail polish. Her signature chestnut tresses are styled in a short, casual cut, strands of hair falling in loose waves about her neck and shoulders.

A decidedly vintage looking bicycle seems to be her method of conveyance for her day out at the yoga studio, complete with an old-fashioned basket attachment above the front wheel.

Asking her legions of devotees who, exactly, might be up for a cruise, Olivia makes it clear that she's in very fine spirits on what seems to be a sunny day. A bicycle emoji and a sunshine emoji appear to cement this educated guess, and she concludes her caption with a shout-out for Alo Yoga.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model's fan base erupted in glee over the share, showering Olivia with over 27,000 likes in addition to 100-plus comments in a matter of moments.

One user wrote, "I love that bike where did you get it from" alongside the same bicycle emoji. A second amorous Instagram fan quipped, "Be my ride for life?" followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

Olivia Culpo has been making headlines most recently for having engaged in a Galentine's Day spin class with her friend Cara Santana, according to the Daily Mail. While the article in question details her workout wear for the sweaty calorie-burning session, it also indicates that Olivia has romantically reconnected with her casual boyfriend -- and NFL star -- Danny Amendola. The two have shared a tumultuous relationship for some time now.

Regardless of her relationship status, Olivia's fans and followers absolutely love seeing her radiant smile light up their social media feeds -- and can't wait to see what she shares with them next.