February 17, 2019
Ariana Grande Strips Down To Bra, Shows Off Cleavage In Sultry Instagram Snapshot

Pop starlet and international sensation Ariana Grande took to Instagram recently to show off a bit of her world-famous figure, much to the delight of her fans, followers, and admirers all over the globe.

In her most recent share -- one made just moments ago, as of this writing -- Ariana Grande can be seen staring upwards while in a crouching pose. Casting off a ratty-looking denim jacket -- the cuffs frayed from extensive wear and the wash evidently quite light -- the pop singer is pictured crouched in a suggestive, vulnerable pose. Staring up at something off camera with big, beautiful brown eyes and luxuriously long lashes, Ariana knows precisely how to conjure up a sweet yet sultry aesthetic. Her lips are parted in a broad, breathy expression, which gives way to her two front teeth, strikingly white in color.

With the jacket being shrugged off of her shoulders, a skimpy spaghetti-strap bra becomes quite evident, along with the curve of the pop starlet's ample cleavage. Her flawless skin tone and fair complexion are further emphasized by the dramatic, high-contrast monochromatic finish applied to the photographic frame. For this particular capture, Ariana Grande has chosen to style her hair severely straight, pulled tight to her skull to drape in long, flowing waves behind her neck and her back. Her signature dark tresses have also undergone a significant makeover, and she appears to be sporting platinum blonde locks herein.

In the caption attached to the steamy yet quite artistic snapshot, Ariana Grande gave a big shout-out to her Arianators, congratulating herself and her fans on the six-month anniversary of her fourth studio album release. She also asked fans of Sweetener to drop their three favorite tunes in the comments section.

Her legions of devotees seemed to be absolutely enthralled by the snapshot and the message in tow, going on to lavish over 800,000 likes and 20,000-plus comments on the Instagram share in no time flat.

One amorous fan wrote, "you're so cute," followed by a heart-eyed emoji. A second social media follower of hers answered the question posed, writing, "why just 3?? i can't!!" followed by a thundercloud emoji.

Ariana has made headlines for a very positive reason as late, having smashed streaming music records to become see Thank U, Next become the No. 1 hit in the U.K., per the BBC.

"[Thank U, Next] had the most streams of an album by a female artist in a week - breaking a record she set herself with 2018's Sweetener. Ariana is also occupying both the top and second spots on the official singles chart."