February 17, 2019
'Shameless' Spoilers: Tami Drops A Bombshell On Lip

In last week's episode, Tami surprised and amazed fans when she sprung into action to help provide Xan with love and affection after she resurfaced in Lip's life because her mother abandoned her once again.

Just when some fans were starting to take a liking to Tami, she may have taken a turn for the worse in tonight's Shameless episode.

Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers from tonight's episode.

Tami (played by Kate Miner) didn't have a very major role in tonight's episode of Shameless after leaving Lip's house and proceeding to dodge all of his phone calls and text messages through the remainder of the episode.

Early on in the episode, Lip's sister Debbie notices Tami bailed on giving Lip and Xan a ride and appeared to be dodging him. The youngest Gallagher sister warned Lip it appeared as if Tami was cheating on him.

As mentioned by Inquisitr in a previous spoilers recap, Lip was having a pretty rough time in tonight's episode when a representative of child's services showed up at the house for a home inspection when the only person in the house – with children – was Fiona.

After seemingly botching his chances of becoming the foster parent for Xan, Lip decided to hunt down his girlfriend, who had been dodging him. During one of his phone calls to her voicemail, it appeared as if Lip was just reaching out to Tami because he was having a hard time and wanting to find comfort in his girlfriend. Chances, however, were also pretty good he wanted to look into whether Debbie was right about her cheating on him.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip and Kate Miner as Tami standing in kitchen of Gallagher home in Shameless
Showtime | Paul Sarkis

When Lip was finally able to track Tami down, he quickly learned his girlfriend did have a reason for avoiding him, but it wasn't what anyone expected. It was at that moment that she dropped a bombshell on him – and Shameless fans everywhere – that she was pregnant with his child.

While there is no denying that no one in this dysfunctional Gallagher family is ever truly ready for a child, Lip has always wanted a child. Even from early on in the series when he thought Karen was pregnant with his child, fans could see that he really wanted the child and was wildly disappointed when it wasn't his.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher and Kate Miner as Tami in SHAMELESS
Showtime | Paul Sarkis

Toward the end of the scene Lip was clearly confused about how they were going to move forward from the situation, asking Tami what they were going to do, but he did want to continue to talk about it. Tami, however, was uninterested in having the conversation and told him he could call her "if" he wanted to talk about it.

After tonight's episode airs, there will be just three episodes remaining in this season of Shameless.