Supermodel Bella Hadid Spreads Her Legs For 'Vogue Russia,' Goes Braless Under Skimpy White Tank Top

American supermodel Bella Hadid is well known for her risque haute couture photo shoots, and she's making a fine return to form in a recent spread which she shared to popular social media platform Instagram. At once channeling Stanley Kubrick's seminal 1971 classic A Clockwork Orange and her base, raw sex appeal -- Bella Hadid appears to be a master of aesthetic manipulation, able to work two different angles at once.

In this particular composite photo, Bella can be seen in four distinct poses. Wearing nothing but an extremely skimpy white tank top, a pair of leather shorts, and matching black loafers, the American model manages to look disheveled and yet composed all at once -- a strange juxtaposition. Her signature raven locks are styled extremely short -- nearly androgynous -- and hang in loose tendrils about her face, seemingly wet. In the top-left corner, Bella Hadid adopts a breathy pout as she slips on a loafer, her eyes intent on a subject off-camera and her lips parted in awe.

In the bottom left corner, the brunette bombshell throws her head back in a peal of laughter, her legs spread wide in an honest, vulnerable pose. Both arms are placed between her legs, her hands gripping the edge of the padded chair for support.

The outfit leaves very little to the imagination, particularly as the thin fabric of the tank top clings to the American's enviable curves. It is evident that Bella Hadid opted to go braless for this particular shoot, and her delicate collarbone and slender limbs are showcased by her chosen ensemble. The monochromatic color construction of the photographs lends a vintage flair to the proceedings, further emphasizing the link between the punk-rock, somewhat masculine milieu and the world of high fashion.

In the caption of the share, Bella simply gave a shout-out to both Vogue Russia -- the sponsor of the spread -- and her photographer, Giampaolo Sgura. Her fans and followers went absolutely wild over the photo shoot, lavishing over 130,000 likes and 500-plus comments on the images in record time.

One amorous fan wrote, "Thank you from Russia you are perfect," interspersed with a rose emoji and a heart emoji. A second Instagram follower quipped, "You look like an actress," trailed by a heart emoji and a kissing lips emoji.

Other recent Instagram shares made by Bella Hadid further cement the notion that the film adaptation of Anthony Burgess' dystopian satire was a creative inspiration for the photo shoot. In the embedded images above, these fashions are brought into even greater prominence -- complete with Bella donning a white dress shirt, high-waisted black slacks, and an English bowler hat.

Bella Hadid is fiercely original in her modeling work, and is not afraid to take chances -- both qualities that her admirers love about her. Her sizable social media following was charmed by these recent snapshots, and can't wait to see what the supermodel will share with the world next.