February 17, 2019
Mexico's 'Hottest Weather Girl Ever' Yanet Garcia Flaunts World-Famous Derriere & Thighs In Thong Beach Bikini

Brunette bombshell Yanet Garcia may be a television fixture in her home country of Mexico, where she works as a well-known weather presenter, but she holds even broader appeal on a global level for her extreme level of physical beauty. Having been dubbed the "hottest weather girl ever" by TMZ, per YouTube, the Mexican model has been featured by countless beauty and fashion publications in addition to having been profiled by social media influencer Ozzy Man.

In her most recent Instagram share, however, all of the focus is on her world-famous derriere. Strolling barefoot through ebbing ocean waves -- wearing only a skimpy beach bikini and a sheer cover-up to protect herself from the sun and the wind -- Yanet leaves very little to the imagination. The rays of the sun penetrate the translucent cover-up, illuminating her feminine figure and all that comes with it in the process.

Giving a little twirl to the camera so that it might capture every inch of her enviable physique, the Mexican model clearly knows how to toy with her most ardent admirers, giving them a peek without giving away too much all at the same time.

Yanet's flat stomach and prominent bust are also showcased by her choice of swimwear, as are her supple thighs and long, lean legs. She chose to accessorize the simple, carefree look with a gently-used sunhat, a dangling necklace, a pair of sunglasses, and little else. Her signature chestnut tresses were tinged with bright highlights from the sun and were styled in loose, beachy waves.

Yanet blows a coy kiss to the camera lens as she completes her circuit, quickly whirling about to re-enter the surf.

In the caption of the video clip, Yanet Garcia simply said that life was quite beautiful -- and she attached a sun emoji and a heart emoji to punctuate the point. It seems like her legions of devotees must agree, as they showered her bit of footage with over 20,000 likes and 300-plus comments in extremely short order.

One fan wrote, "wow that booty killing me," followed by a single flame emoji, while a second amorous Instagram follower quipped, "Who the hell would choose video games over this?"

The second commenter is undoubtedly referring to the high-profile breakup between Yanet Garcia and ex-boyfriend Doug "FaZe Censor" Martin, a professional gamer. As Maxim details, Martin claims that Yanet was unduly concerned with his revenue stream. For her part, Yanet vehemently denied those charges.

Regardless of her romantic history, the world remains enamored of the gorgeous weather girl -- and her fans are always excited to see what she will share with them next.