Brad Pitt Wishes He'd Handled Divorce From Jennifer Aniston In A 'More Thoughtful Manner'

When a much younger Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married in July of 2000, they were one of the nation's most talked about couples. It was clear the two were madly in love and meant to be together. Aniston was at a high point in her career as hit show Friends reached its peak. Meanwhile, Pitt was one of the most successful movie stars of his generation, having just starred in Fight Club in 1999. However, all of that changed when Pitt met actress Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The two deeply connected on the set and fell in love. One year later Pitt and Aniston were divorced and he was officially romantically linked to Jolie, whom he married in 2014. Now, as he looks back at his messy divorce, he wishes he had handled things a little bit differently, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Many Aniston fans felt Pitt certainly had a lot to apologize for. After their split, damaging rumors took a toll on Aniston. Talk of infidelity and personal details of their marriage were made public for the world to speculate over. Many fans picked sides, supporting Jolie or Aniston. After Jolie gave a detailed interview explaining how she fell in love with Pitt while he was still married, Aniston was admittedly hurt. "There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening, I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," she said.

Pitt wasn't highly sensitive to his ex-wife's feelings, something he now apologizes for. A source close to Brad said that he has personally apologized to Aniston recently, and has tried to make amends for the damage he caused her, according to Style Celebrity.
"He's been determined to apologize for everything he put her through and that's exactly what he did. It was the most intimate conversation Brad and Jen have ever had. He apologized to Jen for being an absentee husband, for being stoned and bored. He also made amends for leaving her for Angelina."
Aniston has reportedly decided to leave the past in the past and has chosen to forgive Pitt. She even invited him to her star studded 50th birthday party last week. He made a surprise appearance to celebrate with her.

Pitt is still finalizing his divorce from Jolie, whom he separated from in 2016. The pair have six children together and are working through a custody agreement.