Internet Confuses Sexual Misconduct Suspect And Musician Ryan Adams With Another Famous Musician: Bryan Adams

When it comes to Hollywood, there are literally thousands of celebrities and actors to keep track of, and it's fairly easy to mix a few famous figures up every now and then, especially if a few celebrities tend to resemble each other. Without listing every celebrity look-alike out there, it wouldn't come as a great shock if someone were to mix up actor Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, or actresses Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.

It seems that these sort of mixups extend beyond actors and Hollywood in general. As reported by CNN, it seems some social media users have confused musician Bryan Adams with another musician: Ryan Adams.

Normally, this wouldn't seem like that big of a deal, but the mix-up takes on a whole new light once seen through the context of recent events. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Ryan Adams was accused of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse by several women, after he made promises to help kickstart their music careers. These accusations and allegations were detailed in an in-depth report published by the New York Times. The report also includes allegations that Ryan exchanged sexually-charged messages and engaged in conversations with a girl who was underage.

As CNN notes, several users on Twitter took to the platform to share a rather embarrassing confession -- they had mixed up Ryan Adams with singer Bryan Adams.

A few celebrities even got caught up in the confusion. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Viet Thanh Nguyen tweeted about his confusion.

"When someone said that she was sad about hearing the news about Ryan Adams, I freaked out and thought: What did Bryan Adams do?" Nguyen wrote on Twitter.

Jamey Jasta, the singer for American metalcore band Hatebreed, made the same mistake, confusing one Adams for another.

"I got sooooo bummed just now thinking it was Bryan Adams who acted sketchy but it was Ryan Adams," Jasta confessed on Twitter.

Oddly enough, Ryan once wrote a piece for the New York Times, detailing how he once heckled Bryan to sing his hit song, "Summer of 69." This story led Ryan to discover that he shared a birthday with Bryan.

"I became the person who would send an email every year to the genius writer of that song on his birthday, which is also mine," Ryan Adams wrote. "I would learn how to show empathy, or fight for myself, or make fun of it all, and shine some love on that lonely, crazy person we have all stood next to before, screaming into the night from the shadows."

Both musicians were born on November 5.