Mexico's 'Hottest Weather Girl Ever' Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her Ample Derriere And Luscious Curves On Instagram

When it comes to browsing Instagram, one does not have to spend much time before running into a so-called Instagram model. The popular social media platform is full of them, and many of these bodacious ladies command a sizable social media following.

While it's by no means a rule, many Instagram models started their career through more traditional means, whether that be modeling for Playboy, or gaining fame as a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model. Some Instagram celebrities, such as Yanet Garcia, have more humble beginnings.

Although Garcia has accrued a rather sizable following on Instagram, the Mexican model is perhaps best known for her work as a weather presenter. Over the past few years, Yanet has become more well-known on the internet, winning over her fans with her taut physique and her friendly personality. TMZ has even referred to Yanet as the "hottest weather girl ever" on their YouTube channel.

In her most recent Instagram share, Yanet showed off her ample assets and her curvaceous body, which is sure to keep her followers hooked and get their heart rates rising. In this particular pic, Garcia is posing on a boat or yacht of some kind, taking control of the steering wheel, looking off into the distance.

The buxom model is rocking a sexy and revealing outfit, which leaves little to the imagination of those who catch a glimpse of this alluring Instagram pic. Garcia is rocking a blue, yellow, and green bikini, which barely cover her sun-kissed skin. Other than the bikini, the gorgeous weather girl is wearing a mesh top, which covers her entire top, the length of her arms, and most of her lower half. Yanet's choice in clothing highlights her curvy derriere and toned physique.

Unsurprisingly, Yanet's fans and followers appreciated her latest Instagram share. At the time of this writing, the post in question has only been live for little more than six hours and has already accrued well over 300,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

Yanet has her fair share of admirers, but it's tough to say if she's looking for anyone special in her life at this point in time. As reported last year by the Mirror, Garcia used to date pro gamer Douglas "FaZe Censor" Martin, who broke up with her last year to spend time on his gaming career. Yanet spoke out on the split.

"I actually do not judge him, on the contrary I wish him all the success, I hope that he wins that championship and it gives him all that he wants," she explained. "We were a couple working in social media, and he had commitments with his followers while I have my job and projects."