February 16, 2019
Here's Who Jodi Benson Pictures Playing Ariel In Live-Action 'Little Mermaid'

It has been nearly 30 years since the Disney classic Little Mermaid was released in theaters. For the past three decades, new generations of children discover and fall in love with the iconic love story every day.

Over the years, the film has been retold in several different mediums. In 2008, the film was re-imagined as a Broadway Musical. In 2011, the story was presented once again when Disney had it performed as a special live concert event starring Sara Bareilles and Darren Criss. Now, in 2019, the iconic Disney Princess is getting yet another encore as her story becomes the focus of an upcoming live-action movie.

Jodi Benson, the original voice of Ariel, recently sat down Pop Sugar, to discuss the upcoming film and share her thoughts on which actress she pictures becoming both the voice and the face of the new Ariel.

When Pop Sugar asked Benson who she would like to see step into the role of Ariel, she revealed that she didn't actually know who should have the honor. She, however, thinks casting a budding teenage celebrity – or a celebrity that could pass for a teenager – is a mistake.

While she acknowledged the pull for the studio to go after a celebrity to create a hype for the movie because of the press that would come with the casting decision, she also feels it is the perfect chance to get a new teenage face on the screen.

According to Jodi, she would love for Disney to spend some time doing a talent search to find the right teenager for the role instead of just picking from the current Hollywood pool. The actress believes that going in this direction would make for a more authentic Ariel.

"I'd really love to see a real 16-year-old play the part. It would be incredible if they did a search for somebody, because she's out there. In some ways, when you attach a celebrity to an iconic role like that, sometimes you get a little caught up with who the person is and a little less focus on the story. So I kind of wish they'd do a little search, but I understand you got to sell tickets," the original voice of Ariel explained.

The upcoming reprisal of The Little Mermaid is just one of several iconic Disney films crossing the border from an animated feature to live action in the last few years. Other live-action Disney productions set to hit theaters in the near future include Lion King and Aladdin.