Bravo Boss Andy Cohen Calls Dad-Shamers ‘Judgy As F**k,’ After His Dog Shreds Baby Toy

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Bravo host Andy Cohen is getting a taste of what parents have been experiencing on social media for years, and that’s parent-shaming. The host of the network’s nightly show, Watch What Happens Live, posted what he thought was a cute video of his dog, Wacha, after the Beagle made quick work of a stuffed Torah toy, a gift from his rabbi.

The Daily Mail reports that Cohen posted an Instagram story about the chewed-up Torah toy and seemed surprised that so many fans commented about how the dog was obviously jealous of his newborn baby, who was born two weeks ago via surrogate.

The Instagram story started with Cohen asking Wacha, who was surrounded by stuffed toy batting, whether he chewed up the Torah in an obviously one-sided conversation.

“Did you just eat my son’s stuffed Torah that the rabbi gave him? And now you’re exhausted? Did you wanna explain to my son what you did? And what do I tell the rabbi?”

For his part, Wacha does look guilty of the crime, but he lays still, avoiding eye contact.

Soon after the Instagram post, Cohen received messages on his page and through direct message that the dog was obviously jealous, suggesting that the new dad did something wrong.

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While the first Instagram story about the Torah toy was lighthearted, the follow-up video showed an exasperated Cohen saying that he has been overwhelmed with messages telling him that this is a big deal.

“OK, flooded with DMs from people saying I have a big problem on my hands, Wacha’s jealous of my son.”

He continued saying that Wacha, the dog, had not targeted the toy because it belonged to the baby, but rather because it was purple and fuzzy.

“He just had his eye on this purple f***ing toy and he wanted to rip it apart. It’s not that deep, stand down, everything’s fine in the West Village.”

If anyone knows what Cohen is dealing with it’s Chrissy Teigen, who seems to be constantly fending off critics of every parenting decision she makes for her little ones, Luna and Miles, reports the Inquisitr. From the decision to have IVF to breastfeeding, Teigen has faced backlash from a number of sources for her parenting since before first child Luna was even born.

Perhaps the most absurd was the response to a photo of Teigen pretending she was nursing Luna’s baby doll while also feeding baby Miles. The wife of singer John Legend received snarky comments that nobody wants to see her nursing, but Teigen clapped back, saying that she doesn’t love everyone’s photos on Instagram, but she doesn’t complain.

“I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, Coachella selfies, or infinity pool pix but I let people live. Calm your t**s and scroll on by.”