Newt Gingrich: Dems Are ‘Super Bowl Team,’ GOP Is ‘Mid-Level College’ [Video]

The GOP is still trying to recover from the 2012 election, but Newt Gingrich thinks that the party has a long way to go before they can contend with their enemies in the Democratic Party.

On This Week, guest host Jonathan Karl asked Gingrich about the GOP’s potential comeback, pointing to a New York Times Magazine article which asked if the GOP can be “saved from obsolescence.”

“Romney’s senior strategist, Stuart Stevens,” the NYT story said, “may well be remembered by historians, as one House Republican senior staff member put it to me, ‘as the last guy to run a presidential campaign who never tweeted.'”

Gingrich admitted that a GOP comeback would be difficult, and drew a rather unflattering comparison that threw his party completely under the bus.

“The technology problem is a culture problem,” said Gingrich of the GOP’s inability or resistance to social media. He admitted that Democrats “were using the most advanced decision processes in the country,” and that they “were trying to figure out, how do you talk to 311 million people and do so in a way that you can survive 8 percent unemployment and get re-elected.”

But whatever the Democrats did, it worked, noted Gingrich.

“They are a Super Bowl team that we ought to respect deeply, and we are currently a mid-level college team floundering around,” Gingrich opined. “This is a fundamental re-thinking on how you relate to the American people.”

Here’s video of Newt Gingrich’s summary of the GOP, via Mediaite: