February 16, 2019
Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Are Battling It Out Against The 'Vanderpump' Crew On Family Feud

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are going face to face with the cast from Vanderpump Rules on an episode of Family Feud, and we're here for it. The model and cookbook author announced Friday on Twitter that she and her husband were filming against the Bravo celebrities on Sunday for an upcoming episode of the game show.

"breaking: john and I are taping family feud against the cast of F**KING @PUMPRULES Sunday!!!!" Teigen wrote.

She also revealed that her mom Vilailuck Teigen, her sister Tina Teigen, and one of Legend's brothers would be competing with them against the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

Later, the 33-year-old posted a video of her sister and her mom doing some practice questions for the show, and after her mom struggled for a bit with what seemed like an easy question, Teigen quipped that their team was in trouble.

"oh my god we are f**ked, "she joked in a tweet. "I'm bailing."

No word yet on which members of the Pump crew will be making up the other team, but Ariana Madix replied to Teigen's tweet with an all-caps, coffin-filled tweet of her own suggesting that she would be appearing on the show.

"MY FAVORITE SHOW WITH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE," she wrote on Twitter, followed by a series of coffins (internet speak for "I'm dying.")

Katie Maloney also said that she was so excited about the collaboration on Twitter.

Fans expressed excitement over the collaboration, and Madix responded with an enthusiastic gif of Steve Harvey, the long-time host of Family Feud.

In response to Teigen's practice video, Madix responded that she'd been preparing for this for her whole life.

"I watch every day so if i mess up, it'll be a waste of a literal lifetime of practice," she wrote.

"So does my mom so I'm gonna go ahead and just hand you guys the win right now," Teigen replied.

Legend and Teigen are clearly fans of the reality show. Last week, the pair showed up at TomTom, the West Hollywood bar owned in part by Lisa and Ken Vanderpump, which has been a major focus of this seasons' Vanderpump Rules.

At the bar, Teigen and Legend recreated a black and white photo that hangs in the bar showing Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, cast members on the reality for whom the bar is named, kissing. Teigen, judging by her all-caps caption, is clearly excited to finally be there.

Celebrity Family Feud is set to start airing in June, so be prepared. The biggest problem will be deciding who to root for.