February 16, 2019
Ivanka Trump Gets Trolled On Instagram For Her Latest Fashion Choice

Ivanka Trump is often known for her effortlessly chic style, but one particular sartorial choice she wore Friday is drawing mixed reactions among fans who follow her fashion selections closely.

Ivanka, who is an advisor to her father, President Donald Trump, was in Munich, Germany over the weekend to attend a panel discussion at the 55th Munich Security Conference (MSC). According to Express UK, Ivanka Trump discussed security issues and defense policy while she was at the MSC.

Criticism of the outfit began soon after the 37-year-old shared snaps of the outfit with her 4.7 million Instagram followers. In them, she is wearing a brightly-colored orange and black cocktail designer dress with long sleeves and a hem that ends near her ankles.

Ivanka accessorized the orange frock with a thin black belt cinched around her waist and black high heels. The dress also featured a black vine detail that snaked over her shoulder and down the front of her dress.

The dress, which is by Oscar de la Renta, reportedly costs $4,300 (around £3,334). The piece divided her followers and many critics of the look gave a sour opinion of the vibrantly-hued dress.One Instagram user compared the outfit to a certain Netflix hit series about prison writing, "Orange is the new black, I see…?" Another responded, "Oh my this dress is on clearance at Ross Stores 12.99????" The latter response is most likely not the effect Ivanka Trump was seeking when she chose to wear designer attire.

One avid fan of the politician proceeded to give her some unsolicited advice hesitantly penning, "Ivanka,, Woman to women that dress you have on is not a good color for you... Hope I'm not stepping on toes.. I love what your doing... Keep up the good work...????????????????"

Another follower implied that the dress might be suitable for an older woman by slyly quipping, "At first glance looks a little Hilary ish?"

On the other hand, many of her followers rushed to her defense and applauded her fashion choice. One wrote, "That color makes you stand out beautifully." Posts of admiration of Ivanka Trump's look included, "Beautiful in and out! Classy & smart. You have it all" and "Ivanka looking gorgeous as usual."

The next day, there was reportedly speculation that Ivanka Trump may be taking fashion advice from Melania Trump because the jacket she wore is very similar to ones the FLOTUS has worn in the past. The reality is that Ivanka is considered by many to be incredibly stylish. Fans can probably rest assured that she continues to make her own fashion choices.

Because of that, Ivanka Trump will probably continue to set her own trends. Her fans will probably also forgive a little-perceived style misstep by the president's daughter every now and then.

Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump attend the
Getty Images for People.com | Mike Coppola