February 16, 2019
Ariana Grande Poses Some Serious Questions About Soup & Self-Identity

If you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be? Ariana Grande asked Twitter this burning question on Friday evening, resulting in some very thoughtful answers from fans and, of course, a few hilarious memes. The 25-year-old singer revealed her own answer as well as a few close friends' responses in a lengthy thread, according to ET Canada.

Grande first explained that she and a few friends were out to dinner when they began discussing which soups they would be.

"Everyone knows what soup they'd be immediately and each answer is so different and specific," the pop star wrote.

"So now I ask u.... if u were a soup.... with which soup do u identify?"
To name a few examples, Grande revealed that she would be butternut squash or miso soup, while her photographer Alfredo Flores would be spicy vegan ramen soup and her road manager Roshad would be tomato basil. Her mother, on the other hand, described herself as a "cream of mushroom with a cognac drizzle," which Grande said was "wild."

The "7 Rings" singer quickly realized that nobody seemed to struggle with finding their answer, no matter who she asked. Grande shared that even the group's waitress at the restaurant knew what soup she would be before the singer could finish asking the question.

"Why is this something people are so sure of and passionate about? Why aren't more people talking about this?" the pop star asked Twitter.

While many fans insisted that Grande must have been drunk tweeting, others took the time to reply with their own witty, soup-based responses, Delish reported.

"I'm gazpacho. Because I'm so cool it's honestly a little weird," one person wrote.

Adding a bit of self-deprecating humor, someone else said that they were tomato soup because they "hate tomato soup."

Others jumped on the chance to create memes that fit the question. One user Photoshopped Grande's face into a bowl of miso soup to offer a visual representation of her soup identity.

Someone even shared a quiz that Buzzfeed created to guide users into finding their soup identity. According to Grande, however, nobody needs to take the quiz because "you know you already know what soup you are."

Even if the singer was as drunk as some fans suspected, Grande still re-appeared on Twitter on Saturday morning to clarify exactly what soup she would be since she previously couldn't decide.

"I think I am miso year round and then butternut squash in the fall. Thanks for circling back to this," she wrote.