February 16, 2019
iPhone XS And XS Max To Be Released In New Color This Month, Chinese Sources Claim

As opined by BGR, both Apple and Samsung "badly misjudged" the smartphone market last year, when both companies released devices that looked largely the same as their predecessors and didn't come with any innovative selling features, but were notably more expensive. It appears, however, that Apple is hoping to generate more interest in the iPhone XS and XS Max by offering the two 2018 flagships in a red color option before the month is over.

Citing a report on Chinese social media platform Weibo, 9to5Mac wrote that Apple is expected to release red versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max later this month. This isn't anything new for Apple, as the company had most recently started selling the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in April, 2018, or seven months after both devices were launched. However, the shorter interval of five months appears to be an attempt on Apple's part to boost XS and XS Max sales amid continued reports of sluggish demand for both flagship phones, especially in China.

Given Apple's purported focus on the Chinese market for this new color option, the company will reportedly be using the color name "China Red" instead of the usual PRODUCT(RED) branding. As explained on the Apple support site, proceeds from Apple PRODUCT(RED) devices have, over the past 12 years, helped raise about $200 million in funds toward programs that offer treatment for people with HIV and AIDS. It remains unclear, however, whether the red versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max will be sold globally or sold exclusively in China.

While it could be interesting to see if the red iPhone XS and XS Max boost the sales of both devices in the coming months, 9to5Mac stressed that the Chinese report it cited should be taken with a grain of salt, as the sources were apparently "factory workers who heard of the plans" on Thursday. Still, the mid-cycle update for the XS and XS Max's color options will allow both phones to join the red iPhone XR, which has been available since the lower-priced device's release in October last year.

In addition to the red iPhone XS and XS Max, recent rumors have also suggested that Apple will be releasing a green version of the XR, as noted by 9to5Mac. Currently, the XS and XS Max are offered in Apple's classic gold, silver, and Space Gray color options, while the XR is sold in black, blue, coral, red, white, and yellow.