February 16, 2019
Fans Of 'Breaking Bad' Are Betting Through Sportsbooks On Whether Walter White Will Reappear In New Film

As the infamous Walter White once stated, "We're done when I say we're done," and fans of Breaking Bad are taking that quote to heart and betting on whether Bryan Cranston will be making an appearance in the upcoming feature-length movie through Sportsbooks and BetOnline.

As Forbes report, with a shocking five-and-a-half years having elapsed since the "Felina" finale of AMC's Breaking Bad appeared on television, fans of the provocative Vince Gilligan series have been left wondering what really happened to the character of Walter White and whether he truly succumbed to death after he was shown lying battered and bloodied on the floor of a meth lab with the melancholy strains of Badfinger's "Baby Blue" playing in the background.

"Guess I got what I deservedKept you waiting there too long, my loveAll that time without a wordDidn't know you'd think that I'd forget or I'd regretThe special love I had for you, my baby blue"
Leaked reports of the new Breaking Bad film have suggested that events will center on Jesse Pinkman's character (played by Aaron Paul), who fans last saw in tears behind the wheel of his car after finally escaping from the clutches of the brutal Neo-Nazis who had enslaved him and force him to make meth.

With Vince Gilligan as the executive producer of the new film, which will be helped along by Melissa Bernstein and Mark Johnson, fans are desperate to know whether Walter White will be reappearing again, even if only to show his back story through new clips.

Allowing these fans to judge for themselves whether he would actually return, at the conclusion of the Breaking Bad series fans were given the opportunity to bet through Sportsbooks on the odds of Walter White coming back.

When fans initially bet through Sportsbooks and BetOnline on whether Walter White would be putting in an appearance in the new Breaking Bad film, the odds were stacked against it, yet many now believe that Bryan Cranston will return.

Despite staying relatively quiet on the subject, Cranston has suggested that while he's not sure whether he will be in the new film or not, it is his hope that he will be as he considers his stint as White to be one of the best times of his life working as an actor.

"I don't know if there's an appearance — flashbacks, flash forwards — but I'm excited about it because it's Breaking Bad and it was the greatest professional period of my life. I can't wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit."
With so many fans guessing and even betting on whether Walter White will be emerging once again for Vince Gilligan's newest incarnation of Breaking Bad, the only thing left to do now is wait for the new film and see for ourselves.