February 16, 2019
NBA Trade Talk: Anthony Davis Just Revealed Which Teams Are On His List Of Where He Wants To Be Traded

The biggest story in the NBA this season is the neverending saga of Anthony Davis and where he will end up being traded. Currently, the star is still a member of the New Orleans Pelicans, after the team didn't deal him away before this year's trade deadline. After the debacle that was the trade discussions between the Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers, Davis has now revealed the list of teams that he wouldn't mind landing on.

Before publicly requesting a trade out of New Orleans, the Pelicans were prepared to offer him a supermax contract this summer. That deal would have paid Davis at least $240 million over a five-year period, but he stated that he wasn't going to sign any deal and that he wanted out.

Davis explained that it wasn't about money, but about leaving his mark on the sport and keeping his legacy alive. Many feel as if everything led Davis to want to play with the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James' recruitment and signing with Klutch Sports.

A few weeks ago, Davis had a list of about four or five teams which he wouldn't mind landing on, but that appears to have changed. As of Saturday morning, his list has certainly grown.

As shown in a video posted on Twitter, Anthony Davis explained that he is perfectly fine with playing on any team in the entire NBA, except for the New Orleans Pelicans. His list includes every team across the entire league, and he said that he has absolutely no preference on where he is traded.

"All 29 other teams are on my list. I don't have a preferred destination. I just want to win. I never gave a destination. Anthony Davis has never gave a destination where he wants to play," Davis explained.

Anthony Davis is going to say whatever he needs to in order to have a deal organized to get him out of New Orleans. That's rather interesting, though, considering that his father, Anthony Davis Sr., said a couple of weeks ago that he doesn't want his son to be traded to the Boston Celtics, per Fansided.

"I would never want my son to play for Boston after what they done to Isaiah Thomas. No loyalty. Guy gives his heart and soul and they traded him."
Of course, that was Davis' father's words, and may not reflect Davis' stance on the matter. During his interview on Saturday morning, the current New Orleans Pelican was asked about rumors that he didn't want to be traded to Boston. He quickly shut them down.
So, other than the New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis is willing to play on any other team in the NBA. It appears as if he would be content being traded anywhere else in the league, as long as he can win basketball games. While the trade won't happen until after this season is over, Anthony Davis is ready to be traded to any of the 29 other teams, which is interesting, since seven of them have fewer victories this year than the Pelicans.