Northeast hit with massive snowstorm on biggest Christmas shopping weekend

The Northeast is experiencing the first “major snowstorm” of the year, with airports up and down the Eastern seaboard canceling and delaying flights and blizzard conditions expected in some areas.

Ten to twenty inches of snow are expected in the mid-Atlantic states in what many news outlets are describing as the biggest snowstorm of the past few years. Peak snowfall is expected to be from 4pm to 4am EST, with snow expected to begin around noon in the NYC area. The D.C. area has already seen significant effects from the snow, and blizzard warnings have been issued for many areas including Long Island, Rhode Island and the Cape areas of Massachusetts.

In Virginia, where snow has been falling since around 1am, 3 deaths on the road have been blamed on the unusually early Nor’Easter. The snow is expected to taper off by early Sunday morning, and road traffic is expected to be back to normal by rush hour on Monday in the Mid-Atlantic states. Ski resorts are pleased with the snowy conditions, with one W. Va spokesman telling the AP that the massive storm “couldn’t have come at a better time.”

[Image: Flickr]